About me

Hello all!  My name is Crystal.  I am an Okie, born and raised. I currently live on 80 acres close to Shawnee.  The better half and the 2 monsters, I mean boys, and I all live on the farm together.  

My family consists of the better half and the kids,  2 boys and 2 girls.  (We are a blended family.) They range in age from 12 to 22.  The oldest has moved away and started her own family. The second oldest is our college girl.  The boys, well they are giving me a lot of grey hair.  

I am a civil engineer, practicing in construction management.  I manage  transportation construction projects.  (As you can see, between work and home I am constantly drowning in a pool of testosterone.)

Nature and traveling are my passions (after my career and family of course).  I try to plan a big vacation trip every year with several weekend trips throughout the year.  Almost all of these trips are strongly nature themed with AT LEAST  one hike worked in if possible.  

Any tips, tricks, or just experiences I will share as I go along.  Feel free to contact me or comment for any questions!  I am always happy to help!!