Beavers Bend Fishing Trip 2018

As my youngest and my annual fishing approaches, it dawned on me I have not yet blogged about our last trip! I have several things I wanted to share to keep people from making the same mistakes we did!

Little man and I headed down to Beavers Bend for his very first fishing trip. We got a cabin that was close to the best fishing spots with a kitchen, thinking we might be walking distance from it. (This was not the case. There are none that close.) We got a cabin from the state park.

If you haven’t been to the Beavers Bend Park, it is a pretty park with activities year round. Winter has fishing, hiking, and camping. Summer has fishing, hiking, camping, floating the river, and lots more in the family activity area.

I highly recommend you go to private cabins. The state park cabins beds were awful. I do not think they had been replaced in decades. Then there was the fireplace. After filling the entire cabin with smoke the first night we noticed this old discreet note on one of the walls that said you had to build the fire in the back 6″. There was also no TV and no cell signal. (I know I know we are supposed to be on a fishing trip but in February it gets dark early and you spend several hours in the cabin.) The plus side was it was only a short drive to the “bend.” It also had what seemed like never ending hot water.

The fishing was not that great when we went. Part of it was us, but part of it was the trout were not biting. Even the fly fishers (we were rod and real) were not catching much. I recommend getting a guide if it is your first time here. There are several in the area that have great reviews.

The fish are well stocked here. As we were standing in the almost clear water you could see them swimming around. The weather was just weird that weekend. Everyone I spoke with said that had to be why we didn’t have much luck catching anything. (That is another thing, everyone here are friendly and happy to help and share the fishing spots.)

I also highly recommend getting waders or mucks with felt or spikes, or even both. This was the first time either of us had fished on mossy rocks before. We both wore our mucks and fell in. Of course yours truly, fell in the first cast of the entire weekend. I refused to go back and change till I was pretty sure I was 100% frozen.

We ate at the Grateful Head pizza place. This is a part of a chain, but in the 2 I have been in do not have that chain feel. The food was extremely good. The salads were unique and fresh. The pizza combinations were also unique, but they also had the normal pizza. It had a great atmosphere, especially to those of us who are dead heads. Beware though, the portions are HUGE.

Overall it was a good enough trip, we are trying again. It may have just been the company, but I am definitely looking forward to doing it again.


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